Services We Offer

High Precision Machining and Assembly

Enter new markets faster and smarter to add differentiated value to your customers

Medical Device Manufacturing

QDI offers leading-edge operational capabilities to transform the way products are efficiently assembled and quickly brought to market.

Cost Optimization and Value Engineering

Improve velocity to build and optimize a flexible supply chain in a cost effective environment

Supply Chain Development and Management

Looking to optimize your supply chain in the US or abroad? Ever had the desire to optimize your footprint and streamline the value streams that connect your products to the end customer? We can assist.

Outsourcing to Mexico

Do you have a large contract population performing heavy manual tasks on assembling components, sub-assemblies, or even finished goods? Do you desire to stabilize your contract workforce while saving money? We can help by working with your operations and supply chain team to establish a presence in Mexico.

QD Industries

As healthcare companies increasingly shift their core competencies away from manufacturing to focus on product improvements and the development of more platform-based, connected, and consumer-driven product solutions, QDI is the ideal partner for this transformation.

Through broad industry experience and with an eye on the customer, QDI understands how to apply expertise and core capabilities to improve product safety, performance, sustainability, and accessibility.

Industry-leading expertise in manufacturing, supply chain development, and machining makes QDI an invaluable partner for companies looking to build medical devices and excel in today’s healthcare evolution.

We're here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.